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It not me I introduced. as for Warsaw, we have a ticket 3-month, which comes after 88 zlotys a month, as it is the cheapest communication and the largest network “- she said. She added that children from primary and secondary schools” ride for free “. “Generally I am afraid that Mr. what treats Warsaw as a” springboard “as a springboard for him was Opole. This is an ambitious man who wants to have a career, as seen from his life. I think that Warsaw is his only stop further career “- said Gronkiewicz-Waltz. Asked about proposals for public transport Trzaskowski Gronkiewicz-Waltz stated that “he puts the good stuff.” In her view, the expansion of the metro in a city like Warsaw is necessary. “Metro most people go it is under the ground, does not create traffic jams. It is a question of whether the measures will be.

But Trzaskowski should ask you this; the candidate must know what to spend, “- noted the President. Referring to the declaration Trzaskowski that he will lead his campaign, without their participation, Gronkiewicz-Waltz said that “no candidate should be someone who leads him by the hand.” “I do not support anyone. I will vote secretly, because that is my role. As long as the PiS does not receive a ballot, I will not speak, who I support. People do not vote for me for the fourth time as the opposition still says – elect a new president of Warsaw Warsaw “- zauwazyla.zobacz also head of the NEC: What Trzaskowski and crossed the border between the activities and the dep Continuer la lecture