Paper To Write On

With a good writing process you avoid getting stuck while writing an academic paper.

This site may be used when you need to utilize your writing to build up your ideas behind a paper or would you like to speed your writing process up. The page will notify you on how to generate ideas, provide you with advice regarding the writing proces and provide tools that are several different activities when writing your academic paper.

Tools for writing

Into the following you will be presented with two tools for different activities when writing your academic paper:

  • Free Writing – should always be used when you want to create effectively or experience writers block.
  • Cubing – ought to be used when you wish to consider a subject from different perspectives.

Furthermore you need to use the tool Scribo when you wish to proces initial ideas about your paper and would like to structure your research – you will find Scribo relating to the niche ‘Research Question’ below. Continuer la lecture