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Please follow these guidelines when writing your papers.

Deadlines Submit your papers by the deadlines stated in the syllabus. You’ve got three grace days for several papers except the paper that is final for which there aren’t any free extensions. If you have an issue prior to the final paper, be sure to keep in touch with me every day prior to the deadline.

Basic Elements

  • Mechanics are very important. These are the basic tools that make the paper possible.
  • a) Descriptive Title. As easy as this is certainly, some social people forget.
  • b) Introductory Paragraph or Thesis. A thesis paragraph states what you are actually setting out to show in your paper and how you will do this. An paragraph that is introductory the reader with an obvious understanding of what the paper is mostly about. In general it really is a good idea to steer clear of the overuse of this first person voice, since this can interrupt the flow of one’s prose. Continuer la lecture