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Getting-to-Know-You Activities: The Very First and Beyond week

The desks are arranged, favorite books are displayed, math manipulatives are sorted, and lesson plans are increasingly being written. It’s time and energy to begin to build the classroom community. As I write my lesson plans, I include getting-to-know-you activities. These activities provide opportunities for the students to interact positively with each other. The kids are eager to make friends that are new learn about the classroom environment, and start to become section of a school family. All things considered, the classroom can be a property out of the house for the next ten months.

When a classroom functions as a community, children feel safe and accepted. They interact respectfully and responsibly with each other. Building this learning community is fostered through structured routines, consistent schedules, class meetings, shared experiences, and flexible groupings. Many of these things take time. However, it really is time well spent. Here are a few getting-to-know-you activities to advertise friendship and also to begin building a classroom community that is positive.

Exactly About Me Bags

On the day that is first of, I share my “All About Me” bag. I fill the bag with 4 to 6 items that are special tell about me. As an example, I may include a bookmark that is special share my passion for reading or a small dog statue to share with you my loved ones pet. After sharing my bag, I ask the learning students to create an All About Me bag to take home and fill. The students use the bag home with an email requesting four to six items that are special informs us about him or her. Continuer la lecture

Exactly about Me Preschool Activities Theme Ideas for Your Library Area

Book Suggestions for the Library

Below is a list of books about children and about families! You might find them at your local library or perhaps you can click on the title links to look at what exactly is available at Amazon.

(I LIKE Amazon, and yours there, they do send me a few cents–which supports my coffee habit!) if you choose to get

All About Me Books

Listed here are My Hands by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

Now i will be Threeby Jane Belk Moncure–these are older books, most libraries have the collections. This series that is particular Moncure has one for every age now i am One! Now I’m Two! etc.

Now I’m Big by Margaret Miller

Books about Families

All About Me Preschool Activities Theme Math & Manipulatives > to help your Preschoolers develop their math skills and people muscles that are small their hands!

Materials: Precut small people shapes (make many!) and several larger houses. This is often found in various ways:

The children count out and name the true number of people that live in their property and put them on a precut house.

You can program each homely house or apartment with numbers in addition to children then place that number of people in the house.

In different colors, the children can sort all the people by sizes, colors or match them to the matching colored house if you precut them.

The beginning of the year is a good time to introduce these concepts.

Provide a product in small and sizes that are largeballs, stuffed animals, cut right out people shapes) and then provide 2 boxes one that says Big and one that says LITTLE or SMALL. Continuer la lecture