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In this article we shall glance at the Academic essay writing course.

Learning Objectives

By the final end of this section, it is possible to:

  • Describe the goal of writing assignments and what a teacher may be prepared to see from your own writing
  • Identify common types of writing tasks in a college class
  • Understand and utilize writing-process steps when it comes to growth of academic writing
  • Differentiate between proofreading and revision, and give an explanation for worth of each
  • Identify techniques for ethical usage of sources on paper
  • Why Do Writing Skills Matter?

    Obviously it is possible to write. And in the age of Facebook and smartphones, you may be writing most of the time—perhaps more often than speaking. Many students today are awash in text like hardly any other generation before.

    So just why spend yet more attention and time on writing skills? Studies have shown that deliberate practice—that is, close focus on improving one’s skills—makes all the difference in how one performs. Continuer la lecture