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Russians who is able to nevertheless travel stay static in Miami through the cold weather months if it is miserable and dark here, returning home primarily to generate income

Russian company and real-estate discounts in many cases are talked about during the restaurants within the Bal Harbor shopping mall.

That’s where Lana Bell, an agent of luxury properties at Sotheby’s Global Realty, informs Russian customers about appealing condos with dazzling ocean views, plus it seems, from exactly exactly what she claims, that the election of Trump on Nov. 8, 2016, prompted an immediate era of good emotions in addition to high rolling for Russians in Miami.

Trump could have unsuccessful that 12 months to seal a deal for a Moscow tower, but Muscovites made their option to their branded condos in Miami. Very quickly their figures and luxury investments surpassed those of old-fashioned purchasers from Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina.

The beginning cost for the condos Bell offers begins at about $3 million, she told The everyday Beast in a telephone meeting. Continuer la lecture